Wednesday, 7 May 2014

There's Lies, ... Damned Lies, and Then There Is ... Saeb Erekat

In the April 22 letter, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s national security adviser, Yossi Cohen, revealed that chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat wrote a policy paper in March in preparation for a Palestinian rejection of American mediation efforts and Israeli overtures — nearly a month before Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas made a unilateral move to sign 15 international conventions, ostensibly in response to Israel’s refusal to honor its commitment to release the final round of prisoners, Haaretz reported Wednesday.

In fact, Cohen said, according to a copy of the latter published alongside the report (PDF here), Erekat had planned the maneuver weeks before Israel announced its refusal to release the prisoners — timing that, according to Cohen, demonstrates that the Palestinian leadership never intended to follow the peace talks through

The paper, Cohen said, serves as proof that Palestinian policymakers had recommended a strategy of unilateral moves “outside of the agreed negotiation framework” to Abbas as early as March, nearly two months before the April 29 deadline for the completion of the talks. Thus when Obama tried at their White House meeting to persuade Abbas to make progress at the negotiations, Cohen indicated, the PA president was already bent on torpedoing the talks and following a unilateral course.

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas (R) signs a request to join 15 United Nations-linked and other international treaties at his headquarters in the West Bank city of Ramallah on Tuesday, April 1, 2014 (photo credit: AFP/Abbas Monami)
“The document serves as damning evidence of bad faith on the part of the Palestinian side,” Cohen wrote. “It suggests that plans to reject American proposals and pursue unilateral actions were in place well in advance, despite the unwavering commitment shown by Secretary Kerry and his team in facilitating these negotiations, and the seriousness which Israel has demonstrated throughout the negotiation process.”

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Jizya: Christians Told ... "Pay taxes in gold or die"

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi laid out a sliding scale for the levy: twice a year, wealthy Christians must pay the equivalent of half an ounce of gold, middle-class Christians must pay half that amount, and poor Christians a quarter.  

The directive evokes the ancient “dhimmi pact”, a 7th-century Islamic law that lays out the terms on which Christians and Jews may practise their religions in Muslim countries. The ISIS leader also ordered Christians not to renovate churches or monasteries in Raqqa or to display crosses in public. They may not use loudspeakers in prayer or read scripture indoors loud enough for Muslims standing outside to hear, or carry out any religious ceremonies outside the church.

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Peace Making Drones ... We've Got A Lot To Learn

Murder-Suicide: Shiroz, Qyzra and Mo Hammad

London, Ont., police treating three deaths as murder-suicide

Police say they are treating the deaths of three people in London, Ont., as a murder-suicide.
A police news release says autopsies have been done on all three and they died of gunshot wounds.
Police say a firearm was recovered at the scene.
The three dead have been identified as Mohammad Walji, 43, Shyroz Walji, 42, and Qyzra Walji, 21, but police are releasing no further details.
Media reports say the bodies were found in an apartment near Western University on Thursday.
All three members of a family found dead in their north London apartment last week were killed by gunshot wounds, police said.
London police are treating the case as a murder-suicide and are still investigating to determine the manner of death -- who committed murder and who committed suicide, said Const. Melissa Duncan.

Friday, 1 November 2013

Gunfire At LAX

Police and paramedics surrounded a terminal on Friday at Los Angeles International Airport because of a reported shooting. Witness Brian Keech said he heard “about a dozen gunshots” from inside the security gate at Terminal 3. The LA Times has reported that the suspect is in custody.
FAA has stopped flights preparing to take off for LAX. The LAPD have said they will hold a news conference at 2:30 p.m. EDT.
Los Angeles Fire Department spokesman Brian Humphrey said emergency crews have responded to a multi-patient incident. The incident was reported after 9:30 a.m. local time.

“While I was on the tarmac, I heard two gunshots from the same area where the people had been running and screaming,” Witness Brian Adamick told the LA Times.

Cannibalism? ... or ... Just Another Halal Kebab?

Was Charlene, 14, sexually abused by up to 100 men before being murdered and chopped up for kebab meat? Police reopen case of missing teenager ten years on     

Police have appealed again for help to solve the killings of two teenagers they believe were groomed for sex by paedophiles in the same seaside town before being murdered.
Charlene Downes, 14, disappeared in Blackpool on November 1 2003 amid claims that she was abused by up to 100 men and chopped up for kebab meat.

Today, the 10th anniversary of her disappearance, Lancashire Police announced they have relaunched the investigation led by Superintendent Andy Webster and a team of specialist officers.
Read More Here
New probe: Police have relaunched investigations into the murders of Charlene Downes (left) and Paige Chivers (right) in Blackpool in the past ten years

Cold case: This kebab shop was at the heart of Charlene's case. Its then owner was falsely accused of killing her and chopping her up. He and another man were paid compensation after the case against them collapsed. It is believed to be under new ownership and changes its name

Sunday, 27 October 2013

London-istan Times: Mooz-lum Daily News ... At Your Doorstep

Wake up Britain. Just cos it's not on your doorstep does not mean 1 day it will no effect u

Video: Muslim #Gang Brutal Attack In London to US student for drinking #beer (#alcohol).

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Muslim Gang Brutal Attack In London - Gang's Motive Could Pose New Threat To Us - Sharia Law In Us? - YouTube

Islamburg Is A Islamic Training Camps In U.S. - Wake The Hell Up America!!! American Student Beaten For Drinking Beer American student in "Muslim Patrols are...


Boycott Israel? ... Hell No! ... Boycott Halal!

All I Want Is Some Halal Chicken

So What Is Halal?

Shopping For Racist Food!

Just Say No To Halal

Saturday, 26 October 2013

Denmark: Muslim In The Family? ... No Thanks!

Danish newspaper headline: "Muslim in the family - no thanks"
Wed Oct. 23 Duration: 02:24

This weekend, the Danish newspaper Berlingske a first page that would get a lot of bounce here in Sweden - but barely had any reactions in Denmark. We called up the newspaper to ask how you thought with the title.

"Muslim in the family - no thanks" At the weekend, the morning newspaper Berlingske a front page with the headline: "A Muslim in the family? - No thanks!" One headline that would get a lot of bounce in Sweden - but hardly encountered any reactions in Denmark.

via Google Translate:
The title has been compared with when Expressen 1993 placard "Run them out", referring to the Swedish people felt about immigrants.
Jens Basic is one of the editors at Berlingske and explains how the newspaper thought the headline sales.
- This is part of an article series where we look at the relationship between Danes and Muslims. And we were looking at was the limit of the Danes' tolerance goes. We wanted to create a title that would capture the essence of the article - and the readers' interest, says Jens Basic.
No debate
According to the article, every Dane not want their children to marry a Muslim. The reporter who wrote the article has been ten, twelve e-mails that have been both positive and negative.

Xenophobia in the heading of the form

"A Muslim in the family-no thanks" This controversial title had the front page of the Danish newspaper Berlingkse a week. The article referred to a study of Danes view of Muslims. In Sweden drew many parallels to Expressen traversed part "drive them out" published 20 years ago.Criticism of the time was severe, editor Erik Mansson resigned and the debate had consequences which are still being felt today. Hear about the similarities and differences between Sweden and Denmark.Reportage Katarina von Arndt.

Friday, 25 October 2013

Tommy Robinson: Torn Between Two Lovers ... Feeling Like A Fool!

Torn between two lovers, feeling like a fool
Loving both of you is breaking all the rules
Torn between two lovers, feeling like a fool

Loving you both is breaking all the rules

Arab spring refugee tide has made the immigration issue yet more stretching for the European governments. In some towns the indigenous population is already in the minority. Can migrants overflow breed new fascism? Will Islam win politically? What has to happen to ensure peacefulness of the seemingly inevitable Europe ethnic makeover? Our guest today is Tommy Robinson, founder and former leader of the English Defence League (EDL) notoriously known for its anti-Islam stance.


Monday, 21 October 2013

Racist Islamophobe Tells It Like It Is

Bus Rage: Palestinian Attempts To Stab Jews

Human Bus Bombs: The Chechnyan Intifada

MOSCOW, October 21 (RIA Novosti) – Investigators in Russia said at least six people were killed Monday after a suspected female suicide bomber detonated an explosive device on a bus in the southern city of Volgograd.
Investigators said preliminary information indicated the attack had been carried out by Naida Akhiyalova, a 30-year old woman from Russia’s republic of Dagestan, in the North Caucasus, which has been riven by unrest since the mid-1990s.
The government has implemented a wide range of measures to eliminate terrorist threats in Russia’s restive south as the country prepares to host the Winter Olympics early next year in the city of Sochi.

But this attack, if proved to have been carried out by a female suicide bomber, will serve as a stark reminder of the persisting dangers stemming from a decades-long insurgency in the North Caucasus.

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Coptic Marriage: I Now Pronounce You ... Dead!

Gunmen on a motorcycle fired on Egyptian wedding guests outside a Coptic Christian church in a Cairo suburb, killing two people and wounding seven, security sources said.
The assailants shot randomly at the people as they left the church, the sources said. It was not immediately clear if the two people killed were Christians, they said.
A Coptic priest at the wedding told Reuters he was inside the church when gunfire broke out. Thomas Daoud Ibrahim said he rushed outside to find a dead man, a dead woman, and "many injured".
Coptic Christians make up 10% of Egypt's 85 million people, and have generally coexisted peacefully with majority Sunni Muslims for centuries, despite bouts of sectarian tension.

Give Peace A Chance ... Kill Jews!

Watch live streaming video from visionzoomertv at

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Muslim Gangs: "Forced" Conversion in Jail

Video Here:
The Prison Officers Association says it is symptomatic of the growing power and influence of Muslim gangs in prison.
However, there are also concerns that some of those converts could be radicalised by more extremist elements in prison.
Sky News spoke to one young woman who said her brother was being bullied by members of a Muslim gang, who were trying to force him into converting to Islam.
The woman did not want to be identified for fear of reprisals against her brother, who is serving a sentence in excess of 10 years in a high security prison in England.
She said: "He just looks like a broken man ... he's tearful on visits. I'm just really scared for him."
She also claimed the bullying had taken a more violent turn: "He's been physically assaulted. He's had black eyes. 
"In the showers, he got threatened with a knife. He's not going to back down. He's not going to convert for anyone."
She added: "He just spends his time in hiding in his cell. He's got at least another five years to serve. I don't know how much longer he can hold out."
Official sources acknowledge forced conversions are a problem in the country's prisons.
How large the problem is remains unclear, as inmates are often afraid to report such intimidation for fear of reprisals. more here ...

Peace, Humanity, God And His Prophet

Islam Is The Religion Of Peace And Security:

There Is No Compulsion Under Religion

Islam Is The Religion Of Peace And Humanity
... It's A Beautiful Thing!

There Is No God But Allah
... And Mohammad Is His Prophet

Friday, 18 October 2013

Allah Hu Akbar! ... Divestment Resolution Passes!

Foundering Ship: Europe Awash With "Refugees"

Despite the disasters off Lampedusa, most Germans oppose admitting more refugees into the country. Read more:

UK: English Not Spoken In Five Primary Schools

There are 240 schools in England where over 90% of students do not speak English as a first language, according to official figures analysed by Sky News.
In the last academic year, Department of Education census figures reveal five primary schools in England - of nearly 17,000 in total - had no native speakers, with 100% of their pupils speaking English as a second language.
Sky News has visited one of the five schools - the Sacred Heart Primary School in Tipton, West Midlands - which has since admitted three native speakers.
Staff at the primary school believe they have a winning formula for teaching children from a diverse community.
English is the second language for 95% of the school's 128 pupils - the vast majority of them with parents from Pakistan or Bangladesh.

English Is Second Language In 240 Schools

Pogroms Now: The Jewish Restaurant Problem