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Denmark: Muslim In The Family? ... No Thanks!

Danish newspaper headline: "Muslim in the family - no thanks"
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This weekend, the Danish newspaper Berlingske a first page that would get a lot of bounce here in Sweden - but barely had any reactions in Denmark. We called up the newspaper to ask how you thought with the title.

"Muslim in the family - no thanks" At the weekend, the morning newspaper Berlingske a front page with the headline: "A Muslim in the family? - No thanks!" One headline that would get a lot of bounce in Sweden - but hardly encountered any reactions in Denmark.

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The title has been compared with when Expressen 1993 placard "Run them out", referring to the Swedish people felt about immigrants.
Jens Basic is one of the editors at Berlingske and explains how the newspaper thought the headline sales.
- This is part of an article series where we look at the relationship between Danes and Muslims. And we were looking at was the limit of the Danes' tolerance goes. We wanted to create a title that would capture the essence of the article - and the readers' interest, says Jens Basic.
No debate
According to the article, every Dane not want their children to marry a Muslim. The reporter who wrote the article has been ten, twelve e-mails that have been both positive and negative.

Xenophobia in the heading of the form

"A Muslim in the family-no thanks" This controversial title had the front page of the Danish newspaper Berlingkse a week. The article referred to a study of Danes view of Muslims. In Sweden drew many parallels to Expressen traversed part "drive them out" published 20 years ago.Criticism of the time was severe, editor Erik Mansson resigned and the debate had consequences which are still being felt today. Hear about the similarities and differences between Sweden and Denmark.Reportage Katarina von Arndt.

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